Friday, July 28, 2006

First Three Doodles!

Hi, this is my new Doodle Blog! I will post doodles that I make during work, or at home, or on the phone, or whatev! Here are three I did at work this week!

Drawn on a scrap piece of copy paper with a mechanical pencil.

Blue pen on some shitty Loan Consolidation postcard I recieved in the mail.

More mechanical pencil drawing. This guy is totally pissed! I don't think he looks like Lady Elaine, do you?


noel said...

this makes my day dood! I think I have been in need of this blog since 1998. maybe even earlier.

Adam said...

my good friend noel alerted me to the existence of your new blog. i am quite enamored with the first drawing, particularly the weird appendages that seem to walk that tenuous line between fins and teets. i look forward to following your doodle progress.

M. Durand said...

His head-shape is more Madame than Lady Elaine.